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A Triumph for Kazakhstan

Amidst the jubilation, Kazakhstan celebrated its first participation in the Virus competition with pride.
Dastan Ordabay made his nation proud by clinching four silver medals. A truly historic moment for Kazakhstan's sports landscape, his achievements were a testament to the power of dedication and resilience.
Inclusive Empowerment:
The impact of GG2023 extends far beyond the podium - they've shattered stereotypes, rewritten expectations, and showcased the boundless capabilities of individuals with autism.
Dina Temirgaliyeva, Kazakhstan's Head of Delegation (HOD), emphasized the significance of Virtus events for athletes with intellectual impairments and autism.
According to her, G2023 has opened doors to high-performance competitions for these exceptional athletes, representing hope and inspiration for every child facing similar challenges in Kazakhstan.
The GG2023 demonstrated the true essence of sportsmanship and inclusivity, setting an example for future generations. The games left a lasting legacy, resonating with the global audience and fostering greater acceptance, and understanding, celebrating athletes with autism and promoting inclusivity.
Virtus Sport continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and compassionate future in sports, empowering individuals of all abilities to showcase their talent on the world stage.
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